IP-интерфейсы и шлюзыKNX IP Router (BNIPR-00_00.1)


The IP Router can be used as line or backbone coupler. It provides a data connection between the upper KNXnet/IP line (main line or backbone) and the lower TP KNX bus line (sub line). The basic functionality of the IP Router is to couple the Ethernet with one or more KNX-TP lines. The IP Router features a galvanic isolation between the Ethernet and the KNX-TP line(s). Due to its flexibility the IP Router can be used as a line coupler e.g. to connect several KNX TP lines via Ethernet. And it can be used as a backbone coupler to connect several TP areas or different TP installation systems via Ethernet.

The main task of the IP Router is filtering the traffic according to the installation hierarchy. For group oriented communication the traffic is filtered according to the built-in filter tables.

With the ETS or any other KNX compatible commissioning tool the IP Router can be used as the programming interface. For this purpose the device provides up to 4 additional physical addresses that can be used for tunneling.

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