IP-интерфейсы и шлюзыKNX/EIB RS485 Bidirectional (BTPT-02/485.1)


  • Setting telegram to be converted by using configuration software
  • RS485 bus messages to be converted, and sent to the KNX/EIB network to control KNX devices
  • KNX bus telegram to be converted, and sent to the RS485 network to the control RS485 device
  • The length of RS485 telegram can be set around 1-64 byte
  • Support 1 bit, 2 bit, 4 bit, 6 bit, 1 byte, 2 byte of KNX group address
  • Support RS485 telegram converted to KNX/EIB, including read and write function
  • Support RS485 telegram into 1 byte KNX/EIB telegram for 1byte data as adding and subtracting function
  • Support KNX/EIB telegram converted to RS485, including read,write and response function
  • 485 to KNX and KNX to485 support 512, and 1byte type KNX support 256

Download Datasheet

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