IP-интерфейсы и шлюзыKNX/EIB RS232 Bidirectional (BTPT-02/232.1)


  • Free setting of the RS232 communication interface.
  • By the configuration software of setting the telegram receiving and transferring.
  • Converting the telegram from the RS232 bus to the KNX/EIB telegram, and sending to the KNX/EIB system, to control the KNX devices.
  • Converting the telegram from the KNX/EIB bus to the RS232 telegram, and sending to the RS232 system, to control the RS232 devices.
  • RS232 telegram supporting 1-64 byte ,the format can be self-defined.
  • RS232 telegram supporting 0-32byte ACK report,the format can be self-defined.
  • Supporting 1 bit,2 bit,4 bit,6 bit,1 byte,2 byte KNX group address writing.
  • Supporting converting the RS232 telegram to KNX/EIB telegram,including reading and writing.
  • Supporting RS232 telegram to be converted into 1 byte KNX/EIB telegram,which can do the calculation of plus and minus.

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