Датчики и сенсорыKNX Air Quality Sensor PCR (CSAQ-00/00.2)


Air quality is related to our life so closely that it will affect our life directly. The Air Quality Sensor is mainly
used to detect and evaluate real-time air pollution index including PM2.5/PM10,CO2,AQI, temperature and
humidity. It will control the detected pollution index, temperature and humidity accordingly to fresh the air and
improve home environment. It has also logic output control. Air Quality Sensor ,together with other bus devices is
connected to EIB/KNX bus to form a complete system . Air Quality Sensor is connected to bus directly by using EIB bus connection terminals. 12-30V DC auxiliary power supply is needed and it’ll be installed using a 86*86mm box. It is available to assign the physical address and set the parameters by engineering design tool ETS with VD4 (ETS3 or above). The functions of Air Quality Sensor can be summarized as follow:

  •  PM2.3, PM10 particle pollution detection display
  • Temperature, humidity detection display
  •  Air Quality Index (AQI) detection display
  •  Carbon dioxide (CO2)detection display
  • Temperature, humidity detection display
  •  Air quality level control
  •  Air pollution level control
  •  Cooling or heating control
  •  Humidity level control
  •  CO2 exceeded control
  • Three logic functions

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