Актуаторы универсальныеRoom Controller Smart_V3.0 (AMRS-41_05.3)



  • Up to 5 channels dry contact and 2 channels binary input AC/DC 0-230V. Switching, dimming, shutter control, value sending functions supported.
  • Up to 5 channels common-anode LED output, 10mA/ch, 10 levels of brightness supported.
  • KNX/IP protocol supported with max. 5 clients.
  • KNX/IP Router function supported with max. 8 group addresses in filter table.
  • 1 fold Fan coil control function supported with PID algorithm for local control or bus control.
  • Three-wire PT1000 temperature sensor supported.
  • Up to 2 folds of triac dimming output of 100W/channel.
  • Up to 3 channels 0-10V signal output with 50mA/channel for 0-10V dimming control, fan control and heating/cooling valve control.
  • Up to 25 folds of switching output, partially reusable with shutter control, fancoil control.
  • Up to 2 folds of shutter actuator for blinds/shutter control.
  • Up to 4 folds of AND/OR/XOR logic function.
  • Up to 4 folds of time control functions like time-delay, flashing etc.
  • Up to 4 groups of scene control, each with max. 8 scene control function (sending time controllable).

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