Актуаторы универсальныеKNX Switch Blind Actuator (AMRW-24_10.1)


  • Switch
  • Time function: on/off delay.
  • Time function: flashing switch, for lamps of aging test.
  • Time function: staircase lighting, for switch on the staircase lighting and after the duration time the lighting can be turned off automatically. It is better if the function is used together with motion detector.
  • Provide 8 scenes, recall and storing via a 1byte object.
  • Logic operation: AND, OR, XOR, GATE function, up to three logic inputs.
  • Status response, for know the current output state in the visualization.
  • Forced operation, two data types: 1bit/2bit, for force action on or off, with the highest priority.
  • Set the relay contact position after bus voltage recovery.
  • Set the relay contact position after bus voltage failure.
  • Manual switch outputs.
  • Operation hours counter.

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